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About Sharon


"In my time with Sharon, I experience God's presence in ways that help me KNOW He is with me. Through the Holy Spirit in her, I am ushered into God's presence and it markedly alters how I interact with myself, Sharon, and the Lord during our times. I feel more at home in my own skin and more  secure in God's love for me. The experience gives me a taste of a different way of relating. The Kingdom approach....where I walk humbly, with an open spirit, and with no to obey, live, and love ,more wholeheartedly." 

– Loni


“My time with Sharon has become a vital part of my spiritual growth and my connection to God. Having a companion to share my spiritual journey with has been life-giving. Sharon is gifted with an ability to listen to what is said and what goes unsaid. She opens herself to the guidance of the Spirit. She is a gentle guide and our time together is always holy, sacred and blessed.”


Our time is holy, sacred, blessed—You are generous with your time. You are attuned to the Spirit and to me as a directee. You are gentle. Graced. Intentional. Connection with the Divine is deepened. Work with the Spirit to bring awareness to the invitations presented by God. 

– Katie Clayton


Words to describe spiritual direction with me.... Nourishing, Transformational, Energizing...  – Ruthanne


I never knew how much I needed spiritual direction until I started meeting with Sharon. Sharon guides me in connecting more deeply with God, which then enables me to better connect with the self God made me to be, others in my life, and the beautiful creation around me. In many ways Sharon is a pastor to me, a pastor. Three words: nourishing, deepening, uplifting.        

– Stephanie

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